Sour Favourites Gift Box

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Know a sucker for sour sweets and tangy treats? Then pucker up and treat 'em with our Sour Favourites Lolly Gift Box. 

The Sour Favourites Lolly Gift Box contains over of 1kg OF LOLLIES, and includes three of Paloma Candy Shop's own candy gift cubes. You'll find:

  • Paloma Candy Shop's Gummy Bear Sours gift cube (160g)
  • Paloma Candy Shop's Mandarina gift cube (160g)
  • Paloma Candy Shop's Peach Melba gift cube (160g)
  • Jelly Belly Sours (70g)
  • Beacon Tots Power Sour (100g)
  • Now & Later Extreme Sour (78g)
  • Mike and Ike Sourlicious Box - Fruit Punch (102g)
  • Mike and Ike Sourlicious Box - Green Apple (102g)
  • Skittles - Tropical (61.5g)
  • Skittles - Brightside (61.5g)
  • Sweet Tarts Giant Chewy (42.5g)
  • Wonka Fabulicious Sherbert Fizz (40g)
  • With a generous scoopful of Sherbet Cocktails and Love Notes rolls to finish!

The Sour Favourites Lolly Gift Box is ideal as a sweet gift for: sour lolly lovers, tangy candy connoisseurs, surprise birthday parties, impromptu celebrations and adults-who-never-grew-up types.


  • Availability
    We reserve the right to substitute items within this gift box, when certain items may not be available. The candy you receive may vary slightly from pictured if unavailable, but any substitutions will be made with similar and comparable candy products.
  • Allergens
    All candy is manufactured on equipment that also processes peanuts, other nuts, wheat, soy, egg and milk so may contain traces of these allergens in the candy.
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